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Jack Frost Pixel art by Nilamari Jack Frost Pixel art :iconnilamari:Nilamari 1 2 Pixelated Gala Applejack by Nilamari Pixelated Gala Applejack :iconnilamari:Nilamari 4 2 Mason's Ghoulie by Nilamari Mason's Ghoulie :iconnilamari:Nilamari 0 1
Mad Man's Love Song
I open my eyes and you are dead
You made me up inside your head.
Throughout the world I have tread
I open my eyes and you are dead.
The world is colored black and white,
As if stricken by some terrible blight,
You made me up inside your head.
Our love is lost
It is a cost
I open my eyes and you are dead.
That you must pay
To see the day,
You made me up inside your head.
Where your world is whole again.
I opened my eyes and you are dead.
You made me up inside your head.
:iconnilamari:Nilamari 1 3
Dr. Cupcake
Evil and frosty
They are what takes,
Frosting and sprinkles,
All of the things that sparkle,
And making things tinkle,
In their evil ways.
The evilest of all,
That Dr Cupcake who appalls.
All who meet him.
Jesslynn an Butter,
Whose hearts are always aflutter.
Fight this evil concoction,
Of sprinkles and frost sweetness,
That will cause horrible fatness.
This is their story.
"Haha!" Says the cupcake,
That will take,
The world by storm.
His evil ray,
That will spray,
The entire world,
With strawberry frosting.
On that fateful day,
When that frosting ray,
Was turned on the town,
Causing Jesslynn to frown.
Butter the stripper,
Came into the room,
And said her catchphrase,
That will raise,
Jesslynn's frown,
Upside down.
"My name Is butter because,
I come on so smooth."
Jesslynn had cause,
To laugh and smile,
"We have to go a mile,
To get that Dr. Cupcake,"
Jesslynn laughed.
Off they went,
To stop the madness,
And the soon to be caused fatness.
Then they spent money on a cab,
To ge
:iconnilamari:Nilamari 0 19
Nothing More
Heal!- The broken bowl is mended. My spirit has flown.
Let the world be sown,
With grief that's quite unknown.
For I am gone.
'Tis this is and nothing more
Fear not the feelings,
Despite the fact you are grieving.
Forget me not,
Join me on the shores of yore.
'Tis this is and nothing more.
You hate them because they have hated me.
Let them be,
For ask not whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for them,
Let them sing the funeral hymns.
'Tis this is and nothing more.
My spirit will be going,
Back to the great one showing,
That despite that you are not alone.
Look for my messenger.
Tis is this and nothing more
:iconnilamari:Nilamari 0 1
Only You
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
And so are you.
Roses aren't red,
Violets aren't blue,
Things with sugar aren't always sweet,
Only you.
Straight from the heart,
It's what sets you apart,
From the others,
Who never bothers,
To care for me.
Only you.
You love animals,
Watching all those reptiles, birds, and mammals.
I see you care,
And you love to share,
That care.
Only you.
You are sweet,
Like Khan-Dae,
Sweeping me off my feet,
With the things you do.
Only you.
You will never know,
How lucky we are,
To have made it this far.
You are complicated,
And this should never be debated.
Dean, I love you.
Only you.
:iconnilamari:Nilamari 0 6
Love in my frame
I hate the way you treated me today,
I hate how you make me feel oh so blue.
The way you ask me to stay in this way,
Has me thinking how much I really hate you.
When you come home after three in the night,
Coming home your clothes so tattered.
Oh how you give me an enormous big fright,
Leaving my already very dark world shattered.
Although you're the love of my life dork,
However you'll remain forever in my life.
Though now you have been visited by the stork,
No matter how much we have caused strife.
So you and I will remain still the same.
You'll  forever remain in my picture frame.
:iconnilamari:Nilamari 1 6
It comes in a flood,
From the wounds you have caused.
The hurt, the pain,
Bodies lying in the rain,
Leaving a trail of death,
And destruction.
Behind steel bars,
After hijacking cars,
After leaving scars,
On the hearts of the loved ones,
On the hearts of the hated ones,
You deserve these bars,
From those scars.
You deserve your jail,
Cell in the hail,
The storm you have caused.
The day is done,
And you are the one,
Who is put behind bars,
After leaving scars,
From the people you have slain,
In that dank rain.
You are a criminal,
Why must you be,
As you are meant to be,
It doesn't matter,
Nothing matters,
Now that you are behind bars,
After leaving those scars.
You dastardly criminal.
:iconnilamari:Nilamari 0 5
Life or Death
Sneaking through the night,
About to cause such a fright.
I hear whispering this cold dreadful night,
It speaks to me,
It speaks to me,
What do you want me to do.
Kill for me says the nameless voice,
Presenting a choice.
Either kill or be killed.
Looking down I find the source of the racket,
It's the Knife,
The Knife I say,
It's causing all of this,
All of this pain.
What do you want from me? I ask,
I'm giving you one final task,
It says glowering at me.
Kill the girl, end her life,
Without causing any strife.
I sneak into her room,
Hiding in the gloom,
There she is deep,
In her sleep,
Blissfully unaware,
To the pain that soon should not be compared.
She awakens and struggles,
Her life juggling before her very eyes,
She despises,
Every fiber of my being,
I stab and miss,
She's saved from Death's cruel kiss,
Not yet she's not,
I grip her throat,
She whimpers and shouts,
Trying to get out,
Again she sleeps,
So deep,
That no one can wake her from her eternal sleep.
Your all to blame,
I ca
:iconnilamari:Nilamari 0 4
Day of tears
Day of tears,
Day of fears.
Day that sears,
Your face onto my heart,
It's tearing me apart.
The love that we had shared,
One that could not be compared.
Our fates once intertwined,
With our love once divine.
Your picture is tainted,
It is pained,
With our blood,
Caused from a great flood,
From the breaking of our mourning hearts,
That tore themselves apart.
In my heart I know it's true,
I hope you feel it too.
The pain,
The rain,
Of tears from my heart,
As it tears itself apart.
Once again,
My crying heart begins,
My day of tears once again.
:iconnilamari:Nilamari 1 8
A delicious sweet,
But a deadly treat,
Covered in frosting,
But always tossing,
Emotions into the air.
Laughing maniacally,
Plotting diabolically,
All to be foiled ye again,
Before his plans even begin.
With his eye patch,
He escapes down a hatch,
To his evil boats,
Which never floats.
Pink in frosting,
Always costing,
A new shirt or two.
Leaving us,
By ourselves,
Never logging on,
We think he's gone.
Here he is again,
Let us begin,
The torment.
We are meant,
To be friends again,
To the precious Cupcake,
My friend.
:iconnilamari:Nilamari 1 3
There you are deep,
In your tireless sleep.
While you are there,
You move neither hide nor hair,
While the moon is on high,
In the dark winter sky.
You toss and turn,
Unwilling to adjourn,
From your nightmarish sleep,
Counting your demon sheep.
You just don't seem to care,
About the plague in your dreams,
Throughout the streams,
Of your unconscious thinking,
And deep breathing.
Then you awake,
With a tremble and shake.
Sweat on your face,
Looking at this place,
As if you don't know,
Where you are shown,
For the world to see,
As you are resting with me.
Back to sleep again,
The resting begins,
Back to your eternal sleep,
While counting your wicked sheep,
Back to your restless sleep.
:iconnilamari:Nilamari 0 5
Infernal Night
How can this be?
Was it me?
Was it you,
Who caused this fight too?
Why do we fight?
Why do you try?
In the end one will die.
This fight is upon us.
Why do you frown?
Don't look down.
Face me like a man,
Come make a stand,
Don't back down,
Don't shake your head and frown,
Or go lie down.
Get out of this place,
I don't want to see your face,
Ever again.
Don't make me begin,
To yell in your face,
Leave this place.
Now I'm alone,
It's so quiet on your own.
This empty place.
This empty space.
Why do I care?
Why do I share,
My love with you?
This shouldn't be,
So hard to do,
Just myself, me.
Why did we fight,
It gave me a fright.
I thought I would lose you.
You did too?
Why did we fight,
In this infernal night?
Why does it have to,
Be such an infernal night,
That it is tonight
:iconnilamari:Nilamari 4 9
What a life
What a life,
That is filled with strife.
Full of sadness
Or empty madness.
Insanity, or vanity,
Sincerity, or necessity.
What a life.
Intelligence beyond compare,
But some still attempt to dare,
And cross the line,
Given that it is so fine.
Leading to insanity,
Leading to madness,
Ending in sanity,
Ending in sadness.
Whether you are forgotten,
Or mistaken,
As some animal,
Some beast.
Never keeping the rage,
In a cage,
Always being critical,
Always being cynical.
What is this kindness?
So demanding,
So commanding,
Leaving nothing but darkness,
Or an empty sadness,
In it's wake,
Until you awake.
What is this strife?
This can't be my life,
Leaving for battle,
Amongst the emotions
Causing a commotion,
Is this my life?
My constant strife.
Yes it is.
:iconnilamari:Nilamari 7 9
Lone Wolf
Howl and cry,
At the moon tonight,
After having left with a fight,
After you try,
And leave at night,
By the light,
Of the moon.
You yelp and whine,
Calling in time,
With the phases of the moon.
They cry back,
Calling you home,
Won't you come,
Back on your own,
So you won't be alone.
By the moonlight,
You follow their howls,
While the owls,
Who are you?
Replying to,
Those inquisitive fools,
I am a wolf who are you?
They never reply,
And you continue,
While following the yelps and whines,
Of your own kind.
The howls stop,
As you approach your home,
Coming alone,
Just to find you're on your own,
Once again,
Alone again,
And forevermore.
:iconnilamari:Nilamari 2 3


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Kelsey Mason
United States
Name: Kikkia (That is what you all may call me)
Age: 18
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue with one brown streak in one of them.
Likes: Manga, writing, reading, listening to music
Dislikes: Listening to people b.s'ing, and being grounded.
Favorite Food: Baked Mac and Cheese with mushrooms
Favorite drink: Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry
uh.... idk... so its over no more need to read XD
I'm finally back and have discovered something that I love to make! (Other than writing.) I love pixelating pictures. It takes quite a while to do but I really enjoy it :) I would love to pixelate pictures for anyone though at the moment I am working on some pictures to create in minecraft.
  • Listening to: Out of control by Hoobastank
  • Reading: How to write Epics
  • Watching: Pyschadelicsnake on youtube
  • Playing: Devil May Cry 2
  • Eating: calzone
  • Drinking: happy juice



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